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About Guavaberry

We are a team of young and vibrant designers, programmers and creatives obsessed with all things tech and fun!

Our passion lies in overcoming challenges in this space and coming up with fun ways to express our innovative solutions. As Guavaberry, we are ready to provide with the best tools and solutions you need to help your grow your business or project. As dreamers ourselves we are proud to provide a great opportunity to soar for people like us everywhere!

What We Do

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Start Where You Are!

We do not despise humble beginnings!

You may know afford to invest much into a website. We understand. Get to focus on other aspects of your business with your business online. Our entry-level offers will be perfect for you. Rent a website with Guavaberry from R149 per month.

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Free Hosting and Maintenance

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Rent Monthly or Rent to Own a Website

Whether you want to pay monthly over a long-term period or just a quarter-year, we got you covered?

You can rent an e-commerce website or a basic one with Guavaberry!

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Put Your Store on the Net!

It is not supposed to cost an arm and a leg!

We will just take how you are delivering products to your customers and put it on your tailor-made website. Now you do not have to chat to every customer to make a sale. You can now scale! Rent To Own or rent monthly with Guavaberry and take business to a new level. Only from R299 per month.

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